Most recently, I worked as an MBA Summer Fellow with Thinkful, an online career accelerator company. My focus there was analyzing new product growth and conducting user research. Our company led the way in helping thousands of adult learners gain new skills during an unprecedented time for education and careers.

While at Thinkful, I led user testing and customer development interviews for several new program—including the expansion of living stipends for students. I created strategies for student-friendly financing, like income-sharing agreements (ISAs) and deferred tuition, with the goal of expanding access and earnings for adult learners.

Panorama Education

Back in 2014, I joined Panorama Education as the company's first marketing hire. I introduced new products and services that aimed to improve student outcomes in K-12 schools and districts. Our team led the way in measuring the growth of the "whole child"—including skills like growth mindset and grit—and I wrote data stories about these topics in EdSurge and Education Week.

Over five years, I led go-to market strategy for new products—like Panorama Student Success, a student-centric data dashboard—that supported millions of students nationwide and I chronicled their impact through documentaries. I then moved to San Francisco to open the company's west coast office. When I left, Panorama had grown from 8 to 140 employees and served more than 9 million students in 11,500 schools.

Get to Know You Survey

While at Panorama, I led a team of engineers and educators to build the 'Get to Know You' Survey. More than 100k students and teachers used the survey to find out what they have in common with each other. We collaborated with researchers from Harvard to measure efficacy, and their findings were featured on NPR's Hidden Brain podcast.


Before that, I co-founded Speech4Good while in college. We developed mobile apps for people (like me) with speech challenges. I led product design and marketing for a suite of iOS apps that reached 25k students, parents, and speech therapists. We raised funding from Rough Draft Ventures and were named one of Inc. Magazine's "Coolest College Startups."


As part of Speech4Good, we launched a project called Fluently that detected moments of disfluent speech. We collaborated with speech therapists to offer real-time speech analysis. The work became more technically difficult than we had hoped, so we sunsetted the project (still one of my favorites) a year later.